Welcome to special Kashmir Massage

Welcome to special Kashmir Massage

Kashmiri Massage is the icing on the cake for connoisseurs of Tantra and sensual massage. Kashmiri Massage brings a new level to our services in Prague.

A quick shot of cashmere masage

What can you expect?

Expect a full-body complete treatment that will allow you to connect with the real YOU and your inner flow of sensuality. It is more intense than a regular Tantra massage because of the skintight contact with the massage therapist through special positions allowing the back and pelvis to touch.

Enjoy the sensual dance of the sexual polarities

Available exclusively in Massage Studio Patricia, the original Kashmir Massage is offered only by our team trained at the Tantralife. Be taken care of by our professional team that not only enjoys giving massage with their hands but also with their hearts.

Kashmir Massage is a luxurious full-body massage experience, a creative dance of sensuality, and explosions of different kinds of energy. Kashmir Tantra Rituals come from India and are taught by Daniel Osier in the West.